What is AI Notes?

It is an innovative platform designed to save the time. AI Notes will process any slides, articles, texts, or academic documents you upload, giving you back custom made notes and questions. It is the Artificial Intelligence study partner every student needs, creating study sheets, summaries, and 200 practice questions for your studying needs.

How does it Work?

The core of AI Notes is its artificial intelligence. The AI selects key terms, facts, information and contextual meaning that are most relevant to the subject of the document. Any relevant information found by the AI is then gathered to form useful questions, for the user’s studying needs. This information is also used to determine the most important sentences to produce useful notes.

Modes of AI Notes:

Fact based notes:
These notes are generated based on detecting facts within your text. It will provide the most factual sentences within your notes.

Context based notes:
These notes are based on the context of the text. They will provide you the sentences that affect the subject matter of your document the most. It is best used for documents written in a non informative style.

Highlight entities:
This mode will provide you your document with the entities highlighted within your text. what the AI will classify as entities are: people, places, events, and dates.

Highlight keywords:
This mode will provide your document with keywords highlighted.

Multiple choice:
This mode provides you with AI generated multiple choice questions and will check if you answered them correctly.

Short Answer:
This mode will provide short answer questions however they will not be marked by our system, they are meant to challenge your understanding of the text.

How Would This Help Me?

AI Notes is capable of processing, extracting, comprehending, and note taking at over 10 000 words per minute. it handles the laborious task of note taking, creating a highly detailed study sheet no matter the course material. AI Notes creates studying material for you, on demand, and for free.

Is This Free?


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