Meet the team

Maxim Tolkatchev

Maxim Tolkatchev is the founder and director of Voostme Inc and the AI Notes team, with a degree in Computer Science from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. In being a student at a university in Toronto, Maxim himself noticed the struggles many other people around him had in keeping up with course material and their busy schedules. As a result, Maxim Tolkatchev decided to set off and found his own venture (Voostme Inc.) along with the two other high school friends, Nicholas (Nick) Gilca and Georgios (George) Rombos.

Maxim is known on the AI Notes slack server as, “Max”, and enjoys video-games, programming, philosophy and coffee! Maxim wishes to see the world be impacted by his projects, and wishes nothing more than for people to enjoy AI Notes and save students the time, effort, and energy exhausted on studying every year, so they can focus on the sweeter things in life.

Georgios (George) Rombos

Georgios Rombos is a young student at Ryerson University with a passion for customer satisfaction, engineering, and web design! He joined Voostme Inc., during its inception, deciding to embark on an adventure in his life and help others along the journey too.

Georgios himself saw the potential in AI Notes to truly help those who face barriers to access in education, from the automatic note highlighting of key information to aid concentration to future integrations to aid those who face visual barriers to their course material. Georgios is all about helping people, and helping any user that uses the service in any way that he can!

You can call him “George”, and find him on the AI Notes slack server pretty much any day, he is always there to talk to anyone who would need his help, and is always there to share some funny experiences too! Georgios enjoys art, history, web development, philosophy, strategy games and coffee too!

Nicholas Gilca

Nicholas Gilca is a student at Ryerson University with a passion for learning the art of coding despite having wanting to pursue a music career at first. He was inspired by the wisdom and knowledge of his high school’s computer science faculty, and has since pursued a degree in Ryerson University in Computer Science.

Nicholas Gilca, known as “Nick” on the AI Notes slack server, provides a quick response and is great to talk to if you have troubles involving the technical aspect of AI Notes, or the code. He works closely with Maxim Tolkatchev and Georgios Rombos to create the experience our users see today, and to further improve upon day by day. Nicholas Gilca loves music, history, sociology, coding, and even some occasional art, and lots of coffee as well!

More to come soon!

Our Mission

AI Notes is a community focused project created by three students at Ryerson University with the goal of revolutionizing the field of education forever through saving the one thing that students lack in our hyperactive day and age: Time.

In harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, AI Notes aims to save students time everywhere through creating on demand, personalized, studying notes, exam questions, and highlighted reading to students who face constraints on time, barriers to their course material, or any learning challenges which affect their pursuits in education and the outcome of their high school and/or university experience.

With student stress levels at an all time high, independent research cites one in five students considers course work to be a large cause of stress, with over 70% of parents in Canada confirming that their child shows signs of stress as a result of course work and the sheer quantity of it.

As a result, students tend to have little time in their busy work/life balancing schedules, especially around examination period where they spend hours on end every day studying for their examination which can determine a pass or fail in their respective course(s). This stress is further made worse if the student has any barriers to access their education material, or if they happen to fall behind course work due to an extended shift or extra curricular attendance.

AI Notes serves to save such students through its automation of the laborious aspects of studying, and automatic generation of studying material, exam practice questions and highlighted readings so students can spend less time studying and more time learning. AI Notes can process documents at over 2000% the reading speed of a human, saving 90% of the time it takes studying in 10% of the effort. It is a way for all to learn without having to toil day and night first.